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Tiny Baubles

I wish I had more opportunities to wear hats in my life. (I could stop here, but because I am not a mini-blogger, and this is not plurk, I will go on and on). So bear.

I wish there were opportunities to wear hats in my life. When a woman buys a hat (even if it is one hat, the most modest one!), her life changes completely. It’s all downhill from there - unless you buy a new hat, as every hat may only be worn once.

A hat, first and foremost, means that you have somewhere to wear it. It means you have friends who invite you to the events which matter to them, be it a wedding, a Luncheon or a garden party. It means that you are demanded socially (which we all should be, no matter what).

A hat means that you have enough money to spend it on silly, unnecessary accessories. It might or might not means gloves, a long cigar holder and a  dress to die for, but it means a woman is not starving and has certainly enough fat on her baby cheeks.

A hat means you are pretty, as it makes you even prettier. I haven’t met anybody who looked bad in a hat (I know my English friends might think of Queen Camilla, yet I like her in a way you like Victoria Beckham - in an amusing sort of way).  It also means nice, sleek, elegant hair - when no day is a bad hair day, when even  in the sun you look like a million dollars and this is how it should be - a million dollars daily.

A hat comes with bubbles, and what I used to call “champagne attitude”, when I young and  carefree. It is more of a state of mind, when you hold a flute ever so slightly arrogantly yet approachable at the same time; so those who dare may reach out. It means la dolce vita daily, and I wish it was possible.

A hat, furthermore, does not mean the following: revolutions, money and/or food shortages, corporate wars, non-traditional medicine, lack of vision and other insecurities, as well as miscellaneous bizarre situations which must never happen to a decent woman.

God bless the milliners and their lucky recipients. And god, do send me more hat opportunities - as with hats come everything I could wish for.

I have updated the about page on eugenia.co.nz, as well as there is a portrait there now. Come have a look.



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Oct. 22nd, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
I totally agree with all of this. Living in south Florida, I don't even have the opportunity to wear cute knit hats in the winter. I thought about possibly becoming a good Southern church lady because they get to wear the most extraordinary hats, especially around Easter. But they come with all that religious baggage, so, no.

I also wish my guy had a job where he had to wear ties. I love ties and never have any occasion to vent my obsession.
Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:43 am (UTC)
I suppose there are female ties, you know, those longer narrow ones, so if you liked them that much, you could wear it yourself :)
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