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What A Woman Needs

As previously stated, a woman needs a hat. With the hat come the bread and the circusses, the nobility and the beauty. In all honesty, I don’t even think it necessarily has to be hat; it could be anything which makes you feel good. All those Guerlain meteorites thingies are equivalent to a hat, if not better. At the end of the day, a woman must stay practical.

A woman needs to live in a place where they treasure decent infrastructure and great flat expensive roads. Roads are very important, they allow you to wear high heels and feel fabulous; they make you remember what is to strut it and how to flaunt it.

A woman also needs a car, and it does not matter much whether it’s a high-powered European or a tiny Jap shag mobil; she needs a car to drive around aimlessly while listening to some great songs which may remind her of the great days of the past or set her off for the future. She can drive fast (on those good roads), she can smoke out of the window as they did in those black-n-white movies, she can cry over the lost ones and you she cruise with friends and laugh about the trivial insignificance of everything.

A woman also needs a laptop (not neseccarily Apple, but ask me again next year), to stay connected with the world, to stay afloat of this digital world and to create every time she feels like creating.

A woman needs good hair and nails - they simply must be good so she won’t have to be distracted from the more important business.

There also better be somebody small around - be it a kitten or a child. Somebody to hug, somebody to pet, to feed and to provide for; to watch it sleep and to watch it grow.

Ironically, a woman needs a man - to love and to be loved, to own and to belong. To reach out and run the fingers around his strong back.

A woman also needs at least one girl friend, and it does not have to be a constructive friendship. A girlfriend who can talk about anything and who tolerates everything, even if it is a daily wailing over the same man, again and again. A girlfriend to get drunk with when you need it most, even if it is way too ofter - as long as helps recover.

But if she wants constructive, she might need a shrink - to search for childhood troubles, to analyse the same episodes for the umpteen time, to build bridges from the past to the present. If you don’t feel you need a shrink - you may need a fortuneteller - to orientate for the better future and to give some hope when everything else fails.

There are so many things that a woman needs! God be blessed for making me a woman, as I am a perfect marketeers’ target and I am proud of it. I take all that finest bedlinen which a woman must have (a third of your life is spent, just think of it!). I take the long old-fashioned sleeping gowns to feel like a virgin princess.  I take the huge black every day bag to conceal whatever I am up to. I take those sexy gadgets which help me stay connected to the generation of the young and funky, and no, I don’t need to really need them. I take the daring nailpolish colour, even if it is as infrequent as my actual birthday.  I take hundreds of tiny bottles which promise me a longer clinging to my youthful appearance and feel capricious in the mornings, when choosing a body wash smell.

But if there was one thing I could really have - or keep, in my case - in exchange for everything else I could possibly lay my hands on - I would pick the opportunity to keep my beautiful legs which must never age. I want to be able to look at them and think - oh yeah baby, beat that. I am that woman with the most beautiful legs in the world.


Nov. 1st, 2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
All I need are my cowboy boots and my dog ;-)

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